Prague. A city that is created for weekend experiences. However, you will not only find breath-taking architecture and cultural activities for adults, but also a lot of places for children! Do you know where to find them? We will advise you where to go and what to do with the children in Prague.

Prague ZOO

The most popular attractions include the Prague Zoo. It is the 5th largest zoo in the world and attracts visitors to a large number of animals as well as to a pleasant area with views and special expositions. Thanks to them, it is easy to paint and easy to get closer to the real life of animals in the wilderness. At the selected times, you can also take a look at an animal feed commentary.

Close to the zoo there is a botanical garden with seasonal flower or butterfly exhibitions. The chateau complex stands directly behind the entrance to the zoo. Here you can end your trip to the animal world with a pleasant walk. The advantage of the Prague Zoo is good transport access by bus from Nádraží Holešovice, so do not worry about looking for parking places.

Prague Airport

The airport is not just a waiting room for a holiday. The area of ​​Václav Havel Airport in Prague offers its visitors many remarkable experiences. From sightseeing terraces, you can take a look at take-off or landing planes with your kids, enjoy the most up-to-date machines that cruise the sky, and learn unexpected facts on one of the on-site excursions. If your kids like airplanes, do not miss the Aviation Museum in Kbely. Among the exhibits you will find the gems made, but what more is the tour of the museum completely free of charge!

National Technical Museum

NTL in Prague offers its visitors 14 unique expositions that map technical developments over centuries. Among the permanent expositions you will find Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design, Astronomy, Transportation, Photographic Studio, Mining, Metallurgy, Hernus Mercury, Chemistry around us, InterCamera, Time Measurement, Printing, Household Technique, Game Technique and TV Studio. You are sure to capture any inquisitive child's heart, beating for any area.

Lego Museum

Enthusiasts of the popular kit from Denmark should not miss the First Private Lego Museum in the very heart of the metropolis when walking with children in Prague. A local branch is one of several in the Republic, with each one waiting for you for other exhibits. The Prague Museum has prepared an exposition inspired by Star Wars, NASA, pirates, iconic buildings, or various means of transport. You will not want to believe that you are looking at the mere scrap of a collection that belongs to a single person.

Aquapark in Čestlice

Endless hours of fun and scenery with the whole family can be enjoyed in Aquapalace Praha, aquapark in Čestlice with lots of water slides, swimming pools, water bar and attractions, which will be enthralled by both your kids and yourself. In the complex you can refresh yourself, use the sauna and other additional services.

Railway kingdom

There is no child that would not be awkward looking at the trains. Therefore, the most popular places in Prague are the Railways Kingdom. It is the largest model railroad in Central and Eastern Europe and covers an area of ​​1008 m2. When visiting, you will see a landscape model with a dense railway network and many sophisticated details such as functional lights or red cars.

Escape game Titanic or Star Wars

Escape games are enjoying an ever-increasing popularity. Adults allow themselves to be children for a moment, while children turn their dream world into reality. You can enjoy the fantasy kingdom in the escape game on the Star Wars saga. Upgrade your horizons together with larger children with a program inspired by the Titanic tragedy. Both escape games are waiting for you at Endorfin World in Prague's Vršovice.