Prague. A city that is created for weekend experiences. However, you will not only find breath-taking architecture and cultural activities for adults, but also a lot of places for children! Do you know where to find them? We will advise you where to go and what to do with the children in Prague.

Prague ZOO

The most popular attractions include the Prague Zoo. It is the 5th largest zoo in the world and attracts visitors to a large number of animals as well as to a pleasant area with views and special expositions. Thanks to them, it is easy to paint and easy to get closer to the real life of animals in the wilderness. At the selected times, you can also take a look at an animal feed commentary.

Close to the zoo there is a botanical garden with seasonal flower or butterfly exhibitions. The chateau complex stands directly behind the entrance to the zoo. Here you can end your trip to the animal world with a pleasant walk. The advantage of the Prague Zoo is good transport access by bus from Nádraží Holešovice, so do not worry about looking for parking places.

Prague Airport

The airport is not just a waiting room for a holiday. The area of ​​Václav Havel Airport in Prague offers its visitors many remarkable experiences. From sightseeing terraces, you can take a look at take-off or landing planes with your kids, enjoy the most up-to-date machines that cruise the sky, and learn unexpected facts on one of the on-site excursions. If your kids like airplanes, do not miss the Aviation Museum in Kbely. Among the exhibits you will find the gems made, but what more is the tour of the museum completely free of charge!

National Technical Museum

NTL in Prague offers its visitors 14 unique expositions that map technical developments over centuries. Among the permanent expositions you will find Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design, Astronomy, Transportation, Photographic Studio, Mining, Metallurgy, Hernus Mercury, Chemistry around us, InterCamera, Time Measurement, Printing, Household Technique, Game Technique and TV Studio. You are sure to capture any inquisitive child's heart, beating for any area.

Lego Museum

Enthusiasts of the popular kit from Denmark should not miss the First Private Lego Museum in the very heart of the metropolis when walking with children in Prague. A local branch is one of several in the Republic, with each one waiting for you for other exhibits. The Prague Museum has prepared an exposition inspired by Star Wars, NASA, pirates, iconic buildings, or various means of transport. You will not want to believe that you are looking at the mere scrap of a collection that belongs to a single person.

Aquapark in Čestlice

Endless hours of fun and scenery with the whole family can be enjoyed in Aquapalace Praha, aquapark in Čestlice with lots of water slides, swimming pools, water bar and attractions, which will be enthralled by both your kids and yourself. In the complex you can refresh yourself, use the sauna and other additional services.

Railway kingdom

There is no child that would not be awkward looking at the trains. Therefore, the most popular places in Prague are the Railways Kingdom. It is the largest model railroad in Central and Eastern Europe and covers an area of ​​1008 m2. When visiting, you will see a landscape model with a dense railway network and many sophisticated details such as functional lights or red cars.

Escape game Titanic or Star Wars

Escape games are enjoying an ever-increasing popularity. Adults allow themselves to be children for a moment, while children turn their dream world into reality. You can enjoy the fantasy kingdom in the escape game on the Star Wars saga. Upgrade your horizons together with larger children with a program inspired by the Titanic tragedy. Both escape games are waiting for you at Endorfin World in Prague's Vršovice.

Do you know where to go during Advent? To Prague! The capital is lit by a million lights and it will offer a lot of events that you should not miss. Book your accommodation in Residences Řetězová, from where you can reach the center, and embark on a swim of pre-Christmas fun!

Čertovka – the devil festival

On the evening of St. Mikuláš, which is December 5, 2018, the Vltava river will be packed with devils. There is a traditional devilish cruise for children and parents! The first ship lifts its anchors and sails to the Krizovicke Square from Judith's underground harbor at 5 pm. During a half-hour cruise, the devils are telling scary rumors, and if you are good, perhaps Nicholas will reward you with a present. Admission to the event is 340 CZK for adults, 100 CZK for children. In the evening you can also visit the Charles Bridge Museum for a symbolic 20 CZK, where you will find an exhibition of truly original Nativity scenes.

Advent markets

The smell of punch, mulled wine, trdelnik or gingerbread. An endless show of handicrafts and works of art. And a glowing tree adorned with Christmas decorations. These are Advent Markets. Prague has a fascinating atmosphere. People come from all over the world because Advent Markets in Prague are among the most beautiful ones next to Austrian and German. There is also a fairytale atmosphere and the spirit of Christmas. Do not miss them. They will be launched on December 1, 2018!

Třešť's Nativity Scenes at the Jindřišská Tower

When you finish the punch at the New Town markets, stop at the Jindřišská Tower. From 30 November 2018 until 2 February 2019, you will find here a traditional exhibition of hand-carved nativity sculptures decorated with moss and needles, the scent of which will awake in you a little child that is eagerly awaiting baby Jesus. Nativity scenes from Třešť can be seen daily from 10am to 6pm. Basic admission is 120 CZK, reduced 80 CZK, family 290 CZK.

Advent concert in National

Christmas in Prague without an Advent concert at the National Theater? Completely unthinkable! This is why traditional concerts will take place in the premises of architectural jewel with Christmas music and the Czech Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba. The Kühn Children's Choir will perform with the National Theater Orchestra and also the Holy Night of George Temle will be performed. Concerts can be visited every Advent Sunday at 11 am.

Christmas concert in Old Town Hall

Advent concerts does not finish musical pleasures in Prague. Old Town Hall will be filled with the tones of the Christmas concert of the Václav Temple Choir. All the audience will also be able to see all the historic premises of the historic town hall. Just arrive at the venue on December 2, 2018 at 16 or 18 o'clock. Tickets can be purchased in advance from 26 November 2018 at

Louskáček - Christmas dream at Vinohrady

The fairytale - Christmas Dream, which will be performed on November 17, 2018 by the Theater in Vinohrady, will fascinate you with the fairy tale atmosphere. The ballet accompanied by the music of P. I. Tchaikovsky will be performed till December 16, 2018, in total it will be played seven times, time of the performance will be at 14:00 and 18:00. The performance was created on the motifs of the romantic Fairy Tales and Myth King by E. T. A. Hoffmann, and its main theme is the magical moments of the Christmas night, which will be experienced by the hero Klára and his protector Prince Louskáček.

The magic of Christmas in Fata Morgana

What about tropical Christmas? The non-traditional concept of the most beautiful holidays of the year can be enjoyed in Fata Morgan's Botanical Gardens in the capital city of Prague, where the Christmas exhibition - Kouzlo Vánoc will take place from 22 November 2018 until 1 January 2019. You can see many original Advent and Christmas arrangements made from natural materials or unusual nativity scenes.

Ti piace Praga? Non ti dispiace le sfide? Ti piace correre su lunghe piste?

Quindi non esitare ad iscriverti e goditi una giornata piena di energia, nuove persone ed esperienze indimenticabili.

Se non siete di Praga, saremo lieti di ospitarvi in ​​un ambiente piacevole ea pochi passi dal luogo dell'azione nella nostra affascinante residenza Řetězová 9.

Non esitare e scrivi o chiama alla reception / siamo qui per te Non-stop:

La Volkswagen Marathon di Praga è diventata parte integrante del mondo.

Pista estremamente bella Evento ottimamente organizzato dal ritiro del pacchetto di avvio all'ultimo tono del Prague Marathon Music Festival.

Facciamo tutto il possibile per creare un evento di corsa eccezionale.

Perché sappiamo che tutti coloro che sono impegnati in questo tipo di dolore meritano di essere coccolati.


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           On 29th and 30th October pupils of elementary and secondary schools have autumn holidays. Take them on a trip to Prague! We chose for you 2 events prepared for this occasion, which your family should definitely not miss. Book accommodation in our Residence Retezova and get ready for some exploring!

Pumpkin feast at Prague Zoo

            On October 29 and 30, Prague Zoo set up a special program. Not only to their small visitors but also to their parents. They will be able to attend a special show at the Bororo Reservation. It was formerly the grand mammalian pavilion, but it is now a relaxation and game zone.

            Another unconventional show will be the pumpkin feast. But do not expect a festive feast for people, a banquet is being prepared for zoo residents! For selected animals, you can come and see how they enjoy traditional autumn delicacies.

Autumn holidays in Planetarium Prague

            Although children escape from school, it does not mean they cannot learn. At the Prague Planetarium, they set up a rich program for both holiday days from 11 am. Children will be able to watch the Polaris show about two animal friends - polar bear Vladimir and penguin James. They embark on a pilgrimage behind the mysterious polar night, set up an ice observatory and a space submarine. Children show weightlessness or Saturn's ring.

            Another draw will be the Kosmogony projection mapping the beginning of the universe itself, combined with a UJEP art and design exhibition of artists. The audience will be acquainted with the emergence and development of celestial bodies, as well as with art pieces of emerging design stars.

            The third point of the program will be The Stormy Planet, dealing with natural disasters, their impacts, surface structures, the emergence of continents, movements of lithospheric plates, and other topics. Within Night Sky, visitors get to know the most interesting constellations, look into the depths of the universe, the planet of the solar system, or the Moon.

Le celebrazioni pasquali nella Repubblica Ceca si basano sulle tradizioni cristiane, anche se la vacanza sta diventando sempre più secolare in quanto la popolazione diventa meno religiosa. Sia il venerdì santo che il lunedì di Pasqua sono festivi. I principali festeggiamenti sono il 30 marzo il Venerdì Santo e il 2 aprile il lunedì di Pasqua.

Durante la dominazione comunista, la Pasqua fu soppressa e fu permessa solo la celebrazione dell'arrivo della primavera. Dal 1989, le persone sono più consapevoli delle radici cristiane della Pasqua, ma la festa è ancora celebrata in un tono molto secolare. Tuttavia, ci sono ancora molte tradizioni della Pasqua ceca da considerare.

Le uova di Pasqua dipinte e riccamente decorate ogni stagione sono il simbolo più notevole di una Pasqua ceca. Le uova più ornate sono chiamate "kraslice" e richiede una buona dose di abilità per perfezionare l'arte. I motivi geometrici sono più comuni, ma anche i fiori e i fiocchi di neve sono comuni. I materiali, oltre alla vernice, che vengono utilizzati includono: cera d'api, bucce di cipolla, paglia e adesivi.

Un'altra tradizione ceca è la formazione di piccole fruste intrecciate ("pomlazka") con rametti di salice. Dal momento che coloro che erano cresciuti con i salici erano un tempo pensati per guadagnare salute e giovinezza, la pratica rimane dei ragazzi che "simbolicamente sferzano" le gambe delle ragazze mentre i ragazzi attraversano la città cantando ogni lunedì di Pasqua.

In passato, i ragazzi dovevano trecciare le loro fruste di salice, ma oggi l'abilità è qualcosa di un'arte perduta. Pertanto, pomlazka sono un oggetto comune in vendita nei negozi nel periodo di Pasqua.

Il colore della Pasqua, nella Repubblica Ceca, è eminentemente rosso. Si pensa che il rosso sia il colore della vita, della gioia e della salute e un colore che simboleggia bene la primavera. Tuttavia, vengono comunemente usati anche altri colori vivaci.